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Coastal Brown Ants (Pheidole megacephala) are a very successful invasive species and are considered as one of the hundred ‘World's Worst’ invaders.


The Coastal Brown Ant can be found nesting in disturbed soils, lawns or flowerbeds, under objects such as bricks, cement slabs, or flower pots, as well as around trees or water pipes and along the base of structures and walkways.

Displaced soil is usually observed from the action of ants digging below the surface, and homeowners often find ‘dirt piles’ due to ants foraging in bathrooms, kitchens, around doors and windows, and on exterior paved or brick walkways or driveways. Their attraction to food also causes annoyance within populated areas.

Did you know?

If left untreated ants of any species can bring up sand, undermine paving bricks and cause pathways to collapse. They can also invade the house, particularly the kitchen, where they are attracted by food.



The most effective treatment for the Coastal Brown Ant is to use granule baits. The ants collect the small particles and take them back to their numerous nests, where complete control of the colony can be achieved. The entire affected area should be treated, as infestations that are visible in lawns and garden beds can quickly invade other areas of the building. 

If the entire property is treated it may take several months before it is re-colonised and further baiting is needed.

There are many species of ants, of which Coastal Brown are just one. This type of ant is treated with granules, but other species must be treated using a liquid chemical treatment.

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