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Rodents are carriers of disease - in fact rats and mice are known to spread over 35 diseases to other animals, including humans!

Diseases can be passed on by bites, infected dead rodents, as well as contamination of food, water or air by faeces, urine, saliva or hair. They can also pass disease indirectly through parasites such as ticks, fleas or mites.

Rats & mice

Rats and mice are almost always present throughout cities and suburban areas due to the opportunities for food and shelter afforded by human activity.

In established suburbs, food and water is readily available from such things as drainage systems, vines, fruit and palm trees - so it’s not unusual to expect a background level to be ever present. Rodent numbers, like those of many wild animals, fluctuate according to a number of factors, including the season.



Baiting is the most common & economical way of eliminating your unwanted guests. Baiting involves placing lockable rodent bait stations along rodent paths, in roof voids, sheds and sub-floors.

We ensure the bait isn’t accessible to children or furry friends - while there are many rodent baits available, we only use baits that have the lowest toxicity to humans & pets.


You can help control rodent populations by limiting the food and shelter available and by following these steps:

  • Removing fruit and nuts from vines and trees at the end of the season, picking up rotten fruit from the ground and removing fruit from palm trees when in bloom;
  • Keeping the backyard as clean and as free of debris as possible;
  • Maintaining rubbish and compost bins in good repair, with secure lids and free from holes;
  • Keeping pet dishes clean and storing bulk pet food in closed containers; and
  • Regularly removing garden waste from sheds and the yard.

There are two types of rodent traps – the old-fashioned snap back trap and the more recent, good nature repeating trap. Different types of bait can be used including peanut butter, bacon, chocolate and nuts.

rat pellets


This rodenticide has been specifically developed for Australia using the highest quality ingredients, to ensure it is irresistible to our rats and mice. Aromatic feeding attractants ensure the rodents are lured to the bait. A high protein food base then ensures feeding on the bait.

The 15g extruded block has been designed with a central hole and several sharp corners that increase its attractiveness to rodents by providing numerous gnawing edges. 

One feed is all that is required to kill a rodent. RODENTHOR Block Rodenticide uses brodifacoum, the most potent rodenticide on the market and, with the smaller block size, it is optimised so you avoid using excessive bait, thus making sure your purchase goes further.

RODENTHOR Block Rodenticide is ready to use and suitable for a wide range of areas, including damp or dry locations; in and around industrial, commercial, public services, agricultural and domestic buildings.

Chemical Treatment

Beta Stations 

  • Ultra Compact Station for Rats and Mice

  • child-resistant features

  • double lock system

  • steel rod and a removable tray for easy cleaning 

  • This station also comes with a wall mounting bracket kit.

Alpha 'Tunnel' Stations

​This sturdy, long lasting station is suitable for both rats and mice and is a cost-effective, professional and long-lasting alternative to cardboard rodent boxes.

These stations are ideal for placement in roof voids, behind large appliances, etc. They come fitted with a bait rod holder and single key locking system. Rats in particular like to ‘run-through’ stations of this nature since they can clearly see the exit.


Non-Chemical Treatment

Complete Pest Management Services use the highest quality technologies for the control of your rat or mice problem. We invest in the latest technologies available for non-toxic rodent control programs, such as the Goodnature E2 System which uses state of the art technology to eliminate mice and rats.

Goodnature E2 System

The E2 is a multi-kill system that reliably and effectively provides instant, humane kill of pest rodents. The E2 is powered by compressed gas from a small, recyclable canister. This powers and resets the trap multiple times before needing replacement.

Goodnature E2 works by striking the skull of the rodent with a glass reinforced polymer piston, killing the pest instantly. This is important since it ensures other rodents are not deterred from investigating the E2 and therefore being killed themselves.

In fact field trials have proven that the E2 can kill several rodents in the one night, with rodents climbing over the bodies of their dead comrades to get to the lure!

TRAPPER T-Rex Snap Trap

TRAPPER T-Rex Rat Trap embodies the most up-to-date mouse trap design and technology. TRAPPER T-REX Rat Trap combines trigger sensitivity with the exact rat trap velocity needed to capture and hold rats. Its patented interlocking teeth make rat escapes virtually impossible.​

  • 100% poison free

  • Quick & Easy to Install

  • Cost Effective & Efficient 

non-chemical lockup

We offer our clients both options!

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