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How Common Are Termites?

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), approximately 32 percent of all houses in Australia currently have some termite activity, or about 130,000 homes per year. In other words, about one in three homes are affected by termites at the moment.

However, if you look at a home’s entire lifetime, about two in three homes will be affected at some point.


The Cost of Termites In Australia

The Australian Institute of Architects estimated in 2006 that the country spent about one billion dollars per year on termite control and repairs.

Generally, the average cost for a professional pest control company to treat termites is about $1200 to $3,000, depending on the size of your home and the extent of the infestation. However, the cost of treatment is just the beginning - you then have to repair the damage they caused.

The average cost of repairs is about $7,900, though the amount varies widely for each case.

What To Do?

Termites are likely to enter your home at some point, if they haven’t already. The most important thing is to not panic, and DO NOTHING before calling a licensed pest inspector for professional advice! It is vital that the termites remain undisturbed to minimise damage and enable us to carry out an effective treatment.

Schedule a regular termite inspection with Complete Pest Management Services. When you take this precaution every year, we can spot problem areas that could attract termites and eliminate them, or we can catch an infestation in its early stages before it does much damage. The cost of an inspection is minuscule next to the cost of treatment.

Your inspector will point out termite attractants like extra moisture in crawlspaces, fungus or mould, and give you suggestions for lowering your risk.


You can’t count on termite infestations never happening to you - the odds simply aren’t in your favour!

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